Damien: I grew up in Tasmania, Australia but now my home is Aeotearoa; otherwise known as New Zealand.

I'm not qualified in anything, but am interested in pretty much everything. Welding is one current interest: it's amazing how scrap metal can be reused to make useful items and also what can be repaired with a little know-how of the tools and techniques (EIT welding short course highly recommended in that respect!)

Yours truly, making modifications to a door bolt for his girlfriend at the local Menzshed.

Weaving with harekeke (New Zealand flax) is another hobby I've taken up in the past year. It's highly rewarding: it's amazing what one can make with this humble and beautiful plant. Learn how to handle harekeke and you will be learning about strong structures, scratching at the origins of our species invention of rope, and so much more...

My first waikawa basket.